Tube Paper and Envelopes

Luxuriously coated to produce an elegant soothing sensation, Tube soft flat matte papers are ideally suited for creating the ultimate impression. Uniquely formulated, Tube delivers unmatched press-room performance including superior resistance to blocking, fingerprinting and improved ink dry times.

Available in Text, Cover and Envelopes, Tube is FSC, Elemental Chlorine Free, Lignin Free, Acid Free and Recyclable

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TUBE® is your best choice for Soft Flat Matte Papers

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  1. Black

    Tube Black - A2 Envelopes, 81 lb Text

  2. Black

    Tube Black - 96 lb Cover, 28.35 x 40.16

  3. Black

    Tube Black - No. 10 Commercial Envelopes, 81 lb Text

  4. Black

    Tube Black - 88 lb Text, 28.35 x 40.16

  5. Black

    Tube Black - A7 Envelopes, 81 lb Text

8 Item(s)

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